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Author Georgette Littlejohn's love for words began at an early age. She's crafty and fond of the arts. Her passion is writing and interior design. Miracle’s Destiny is her debut novel. The author engages in all genres. The author published a children’s book entitled, “A GRO-c-ERY STORY" and challenged herself to write, produce and co-direct a stage play entitled "Bad Girl Blues." During the pandemic Georgette created and produced the PrayHER Journal to ignite women's prayer life.


When the author isn’t creating stories about her fictional friends she, appreciates traveling, cooking, decorating, crafting, mentoring women and most importantly spending time with God, family and friends.


Georgette was a closet writer for years, but now she has metamorphosed and has her wings and nothing will stop her.


She currently lives outside of Washington, DC with her husband. She has an adult son and daughter.  Author Georgette Littlejohn is also a grandma.

In 2019 Georgette Littlejohn was the recipient of the prestigious  "Nominate Her" Award presented by Washington, DC's Mocha Radio of WHUR 96.3. 

Stay tuned for her latest novel Mychal's Destiny.


                  I don't think inside the box or outside the box...

                  I CREATE THE BOX!


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