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Check out Author Littlejohn's debut novel Miracle's Destiny and have a ball reading about how the fruits and veggies come to life in her children's book A GRO-c-ERY STORY.  Buy them now!

Miracle's Destiny


Miracle had no clue that keeping her brother Joseph's secret would blindside her marriage to Mychal. She's also holding back about Karma, her husband's sister.  Mychal isn't without his own discretions; when faced with Joseph's reality, Mychal is peering in the closet at his own skeletons.

Miracle is the confidant of the family and is expected to hold it together, but her life is evaporating before her eyes. 

Will Miracle heal from her untruths and get back her hectic life that she often complained about?



Come join Red, the Carrot Head; Harry, the string bean; and Stuffy, the potato, as they come alive at night having tons of fun throughout the grocery store.  Each day is filled with a new adventure that you don't want to miss.  Grab your fruits and veggies along the way.  It's so much fun, you're sure to stay.

PrayHER Journal

This journal was part of a vision from God during a period of silence and wilderness (Luke 5:16). The "wilderness" is where God will reveal His AMAZING vision for your life.


1 Thessalonians 5:17 - Never stop praying, represents what God expects from us as his children. With prayer at the center of all you do, this journal is for women who are seeking to start, strengthen, or enhance her prayer life and will Ignite-HER to MOVE through TRANSFORMATION and meet you right where you are, without judgement or expectation, and using PRAYER as a PRIORITY and the PREMISE!

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